Pact Construction LLC is an innovative custom design remodeling company.  We are a fully insured and a licensed contractor. We know that in this business you are only as good as your people. So we have carefully assembled a team of kitchen and bathroom experts who are trustworthy and customer-focused.  We are a family owned company and have been remodeling some of the finest homes for over 10 years.

Even the smallest remodeling contractor must conduct his business just like any large corporation. Concerns such as: cost control, scheduling, purchasing, budgeting, employee payroll, workers' compensation, construction law, insurance, permits, engineering, project management, and client satisfaction are always at the top of every responsible and reputable contractor’s mind.

Our Mission

We at Pact Construction are committed to providing an exceptional renovation experience for all of our clients. Our goal is to support, guide, and educate (inform) each client throughout the remodeling process, so they feel comfortable and confident that they have made the most informed decisions to create the home of their dreams. Our core values drive our knowledgeable team and invaluable partners, and help us successfully achieve our mission.

Core Values
P – Prudence:   We believe in not taking unnecessary risks and making well informed discussions that reduce the distrubtion to your home and family as we create the home of your dreams. “the perfected ability to make right decisions”.
A- Accountability :  We regard our integrity as a virtue in that we see accountability as a moral responsibility ."Being the best you can be"
C- Consideration :   We promise when making a contract  that we will  honor it and it will always be in writting.  Golden rule  “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself”
T- Trust:   We believe that trust is the most important thing that we have to offer,  and we will  always strive to mantian it.  “Trust start with truth and ends with truth.” Santosh Kalwar  or "Say what  you mean and do what you say.”